Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sexy Dresses For All Bodytypes

A few years ago a movie came out about four women, all with vastly different body types, and an imaginary pair of jeans that miraculously fit them all. Not only did the pants fit the women, but they fit the women well...really well... These pants were such an amazing, magical discovery, that the friends ended up sharing the pants four ways. They mailed them back and forth all over the world to each other while each of them was in a different place, experiencing their own, unique adventures, and each time that each of the women wore the pants, they seemed to get noticed in a special way...

Unfortunately, fairy tales like that usually only exist in movies. Most real-life fashion situations include women having to learn how to dress in the right cuts and styles for their body types, and guess what? Every body is a little bit different. In the larger-than-life, American retail market, there are so many style possibilities, it can often feel like an incredibly difficult task to dress yourself in the most flattering styles for your body type. Not only is it hard to find your styles in the first place, but it is easy to get distracted by something that you love...that just doesn't fall on your figure the right way. Thankfully, our fashion school experts have dug up some scintillating dress styles that seem to work on every body type we can think of, with no magic necessary!

1. Empire-Waist Dress. The empire-waist dress style refers to a dress that is cut with an extremely high waistline that sits right under the bust, and then a longer, looser skirt flowing downward from there. The empire-waist dress can work on all body types in a truly remarkable fashion. If you have wide hips or a curvy bottom, the flowing skirt can majorly flatter your bottom half. Likewise, if you are top-heavy, or have an especially narrow waist and hops, the skirt can create the illusion of width across your middle.

2.Wide-Sleeve Wrap Dress. A kimono-style, wide-sleeve wrap dress displays wide, dangling armholes, and cinches the waist by wrapping and tying around your middle. The sleeves on the dress make it easy to hide wide arms or flab. Additionally, the tied waistline will emphasize feminine curves, and the deep v-neck will make the torso appear elongated.

3. Full-Skirt Halter Dress. A full-skirt halter dress is a great way embellish your best attributes and hide any not-so-flattering areas. The halter-style upper-half, which ties around the back of the neck will show off the clavicle bone and shoulders (a beautiful part on any woman's body). Additionally, the cinched waist will emphasize narrowness of the waistline, and similarly to the empire-waist style, the full skirt will add body to narrow-hipped ladies, while also disguising extra-wide hips or a full bottom.

Since the magic pants from the movie don't exist in real life, it remains most important to figure out the cuts and styles that will make your body look and feel beautiful. Not everyone can pull off ballgowns, mini-skirts or band-aid dresses, but thanks to our fashion college experts, every woman can try one of these three styles, and look amazing in it. It sure doesn't take a degree in fashion design to dress yourself for an evening out, but it does take a little bit of research and experimentation to find out what works best for your body type!

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