Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How budget-conscious brides can have their dream dress

The cake, the flowers, the catering… when you’re planning a wedding, the list of expenses goes on and on. One of the most substantial expenses can be the wedding dress. It’s your special day and you want to look flawless and feel amazing, but can you do it without breaking the bank? Many bridal stores have a trying-on fee and even that can be enough to put you over budget!

Here’s how you can buy a dress for the big day without stretching your budget.

Sale, sale, sale

The word ‘sale’ is enough to set many a heart racing with excitement. Many brides, however, don’t think to use sales when looking for their wedding dress. Make a list of your favourite stores and find out when their sales are on. Gowns are often significantly reduced, so it’s well worth a look. Sample sales are another great option, so keep your eyes peeled for advertisements and make sure you scan your local paper.

It’s not second hand – it’s ‘vintage’

Embrace the vintage craze and consider a pre-loved wedding dress. Shopping for a second-hand wedding dress means you could find some serious bargains and looking for wedding makeup specialists. Remember, they’ve only been worn once, so many of them are in mint condition. If you want to go really vintage (such as a 1920s gown, for example), there are many speciality stores. You’ll get a dress with real character for half the price.

The bride wore white

If you’re up for being a little adventurous, why not steer away from the typical white wedding dress? The moment the gowns are deemed to be a ‘wedding dress’, you can guarantee the price will triple. Check out the cocktail dress or evening-dress options – you may even still find one in white! Don't forget to hire best beauty parlour specialist in your area for bridal makeup.

Google your gown

Online shopping – you do it for shoes, groceries and electronics, so why not for your wedding dress too? You can find some great bargains by shopping online, and if you’ve got enough time, you can even order from overseas.

Nip tuck

If you’ve found a dress that’s within your budget but it’s not totally perfect or not quite your size, don’t just keep walking. Think about what you’d like changed and whether or not a seamstress could alter the dress for you. Often, numerous elements can be altered on a dress, including the length, width and detailing. You might be just a few stitches away from the perfect dress.

You don’t have to save for years before you can get married. There are lots of things you can do to reduce the expense of a wedding, and saving money on the dress is a great start. So, whether you found the man of your dreams or at work, you don’t have to wait! Finding cheap wedding dresses can be as challenging as finding free Leeds dating agencies, but with these tips you should be well on your way to beautiful bridedom without being bankrupt!

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